Creatine to increase muscle mass, strength and power

The creatine is one of the most used supplements and has a lot of scientific support, showing that it is effective to increase strength and muscle mass. It is found naturally in the body being a derivative of the amino acids methionine, glycine and arginine. It can be found naturally in meats, mainly in pig meat. The problem is that we would have to consume kilos of meat in order to reach the desired dose of creatine. It is very common to combine creatine with the protein shake.

Creatine in training
Creatine can be found in our muscle cells, in the form of phosphocreatine which serves as a rapid source testex 100 of energy during high-intensity and short-term efforts, such as lifting weights.

It also has the ability to repel hydrogen ions derived from the metabolism of carbohydrates, stabilizing muscle pH and thus reducing the onset of fatigue.

Neither should we forget that it improves the uptake of other nutrients by taking it in conjunction with these, so it is an excellent addition to your peri-training supplementation, that is, around training.

Types of creatine
There are numerous types of creatine on the market, such as Kre-alkalyn or Ethyl-ester. However, I recommend the most common and effective creatine , creatine monohydrate and, if possible, it must have the creapure seal, which guarantees its purity and effectiveness.

Creatine dose
The dose of creatine varies depending on the stage of its taking in which we are, first we must saturate our deposits, this amounts to a dose of 0.3 grams per kilogram daily body weight the first 7 days, after these, we will pass At the standard dose of 5-10 grams daily, I recommend taking 10 grams daily and never less.

How to combine creatine with protein shake
As we have said, if we combine it with other nutrients, it improves the absorption of these nutrients by the muscle cell, so combining it with the protein shake is an excellent idea.

I recommend taking 5 grams of creatine with 0.3 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight before training and another 5 grams of creatine and 0.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight after our weight training.

Bodybuilding: myths of exercise routines

Bodybuilding or bodybuilding is an activity generally considered extreme based precisely on extreme exercise and the combination of certain supplements to achieve an exaggeratedly formed body, where the greatness of the muscles are the great attraction and the ultimate goal.

Bodybuilding: myth of exercise routine
There are many myths about exercise routines and the effect or non-effectiveness of these on the body, however, are only myths and even there, one of these is the fact that the onset of muscle pain and inflammation after a Exercise routine known as stiffness, are indicative that these are doing poorly.

bodybuilding without nonsense
Contrary to myth, today these muscular pains are a sign that the exercises are being done in the best way and obtaining those dreamed muscles will come. As already stated in another post, there are specific routines recommended according to the type of result required.

On the other hand is also the use of certain substances that on the one hand help hydration and maintenance of the body before and after exercise, and on the other pharmaceutical supplements based on steroids, or those anabolics without steroids.

As is already known, some of these supplements are as highly effective as they are costly and addictive, they can both help the formation of these muscles and interfere with certain physical and psychological activities of the people who consume them.

But a bodybuilding without nonsense leads to the necessary care so that the only thing that happens proflex muscle in the body is that desired muscle formation, regardless of issues of age or sex, so you can be young or old, man or woman, and likewise You can practice bodybuilding.

All this bodybuilding without nonsense can come to reside only in the mind, it is to know that it is very powerful much more than any supplement based on hundreds of substances or thousands of trips to the gym, although obviously this should not be ruled out, But it is essential to have a clear mind and know that even if it is remotely thin, the results will come, it is all a matter of mentality, routine and commitment.

The order within all that world of bodybuilding is a very valuable tool to achieve the objectives, therefore, in the first place, everything that concerns the subject must be taken into account as already specified in previous posts; in which, within other points, it is key to emphasize that knowing in advance everything that is consumed is a very important factor when entering into this sporting world.

Know then, when to take creatine , everything that concerns about the exercise with weights and those of musculation, the consumption of anabolic steroids and the non-steroidal anabolics, the sports nutrition and the supplements to gain muscle mass.

Now, among other things, it is also very important; adequate training, keep count of the exercises and know what each one is for, perform each routine properly, you will not be harming or mistreating any part of the body.

It is also essential to weigh regularly, see what results are being obtained, so as to know whether to continue or modify the routine, feeding is also basic, the combination of exercises with good nutrition raises the levels of muscle development.

And finally to be very clear if you really want to have that body of bodybuilder, because once with this, the reversal is as complex or more like the formation of the body.

5000 Dollars or 5000 squats? What women prefer

All women want firm but toned buttocks without squatting; most prefer to go the easy way through surgical interventions to improve their physical appearance and thus attract the eyes of all and be the center of attention; which is a wrong idea since the easy way sometimes is not usually the right one.

Plastic surgery is a specialty of medicine whose mission is to restore normality, both functional and anatomical; that is, the bodily form of individuals; rebuilding deformities or correcting deficiencies. On the other hand it is also called aesthetic or cosmetic surgery; since it is carried out with the aesthetic purpose justly. Modify those portions of the body that the individual does not like. Among the most outstanding in the world are surgeries to increase the bust and buttocks; in case of those ladies who do not feel comfortable with their body and prefer to spend $ 5000 on aesthetic surgeries instead of creating strong but firm buttocks with 5000 squats .

In my personal opinion I do not like ladies who rebuild their body through surgical interventions to look better; first for not being something natural and second because the vast majority of ladies who undergo surgeries to increase their buttocks end up with a slight disproportion with respect to their legs. What do I want to achieve with this ?, Simple, that those buttocks do not go with the small size of their legs.

What are squats?

The squat is a functional movement in which we involve the quadriceps; the adductors, the buttocks, the femoral bones and the lower part of the back; It is surely the exercise that involves the most muscles and the most effective for developing legs and glutes of steel .

What makes squats a fantastic exercise to develop your glutes?
The squats obviously help to strengthen the muscles of the legs; but they also create an anabolic environment that promotes the strengthening of muscles throughout the body.
One of the most efficient ways to burn fat is to gain muscle mass . For every additional pound of snap hero testo muscle; Your body burns up to 50-70 extra calories a day; this means that not only are you going to develop a steel butt with 5000 squats; but also you will burn a considerable amount of body fat so that you continue to show a flat abdomen.
Few exercises work as many exercises as squats; so it is an excellent multipurpose activity that helps tone and strengthen the back; abdomen and of course the legs. In addition, squats strengthen muscles that participate in glucose regulation; lipid metabolism and insulin sensitivity; helping to protect against obesity and cardiovascular diseases.
I’m not saying that to have firm buttocks you have to do 5000 squats a day; it is only a comparison, since the results of the easy path are not the same; You can implement your squats in your daily routine and make it more intense as you progress in your workouts and with a correct diet in a period of 8-12 weeks you can observe the results of squats.

If you want to do routines with resistance tube, to strengthen your muscles

The resistance tubes or elastic bands are very practical and versatile accessories to do strength exercises, they are excellent substitutes for the weights, they also do not harm the floor in the house, anyone can use it and can take it on a trip.

In this post we will see several routines with resistance tube to exercise the main body muscles. You will z vital male enhancement learn to use the resistance tubes in different complete routines for different muscle groups.

Resistance tubes or elastic bands come to mind especially when you can not go to the gym, when you travel a lot and especially when you want to exercise without going elsewhere if you are at home, in the office or in a hotel.

Routines with resistance tube to strengthen muscles
3 Routines with
The resistance tubes come in several models of different resistance levels. If you are a beginner I recommend the softer or intermediate ones.

You can combine routines with your own body weight, such as plates, dominated, etc., incorporating the elastic band to cause more difficulty and achieve more benefits.

Routines with a resistance tube have become very popular among women who only want to tone their muscles to avoid sagging arms, legs, abs and buttocks. They are also very useful for weight loss routines.

Benefits of training with resistance tubes
According to the hardness of our elastic band, the intensity and frequency with which we work our different muscle groups, the strength we do allows us to build muscle mass, which means that we become stronger, burn fat and tone muscles.

Doing strength exercises allows not to lose much muscle mass with age, in addition a better blood supply, improves our optimism, our bony system becomes stronger, we can look younger and improve our metabolism.

How often should we use the resistance tube
Strength exercises should be done at least 2 – 3 times a week, at least 20 – 30 minutes each time. All muscle groups must be worked on, for which you need a training plan that includes the resistance tubes. Intensity and frequency are important, your muscles must be fatigued.

If you are new doing strength exercises, keep in mind that the elastic bands are safer than the weights, you will have less possibilities of injuries, but advances a few. First heat and then follow the exercises guide that we present later. It is much better if you consult with a trainer.

Types of exercises that can be done with a resistance tube
4 Types of exercises
The resistance bands are very versatile and adapt to all types of exercises. You can practically strengthen all the muscles of your body, as we will see below.

Important to take precautions
For all types of exercises the first thing is the warm-ups of about 5 to 10 minutes, and at the end you should always stretch the muscles worked . In addition, the resistance bands come with safety instructions that you should always keep in mind to avoid injuries.

Try to use the elastic band on floors that are not abrasive, so as not to damage the band, and when you do your routines pay full attention to the technique. If you are a beginner, do not make sudden movements, the band can escape from your hands.

Routines with resistance tube for the whole body
The only requirement for doing these routines is against a set of resistance tubes. They are very easy to acquire (cheap) and carry.

You can be fit by training at home using very little time and money. Anyone can do it, no matter their age or physical shape, they just need to have the desire to exercise daily even if they do not have time to go to the gym.

Routine for the chest

Learn how to use the resistance tube to exercise your chest. A complete training of pectorals, working upper, middle and lower pectorals.

Follow carefully their advice and the indications that appear in this video and you will achieve a complete and satisfactory training.

In this other video you have 5 basic biceps – triceps exercises for which you only need 3 minutes.

Routine for waist and abdominals

In the next video you can see and learn a routine called reverse woodcutter. With this exercise you work the oblique abdominal muscles, reduce waist.

Exercises to Tone Buttocks and Legs in a Short Time

The flaccidity of the buttocks and legs , is a very common problem and to overcome it requires effort, patience, and perseverance, leg training helps to obtain muscle mass. Both parts are important in the person’s body, although in this case the women try to take care of them more, in the same way it could be said that they are one of the most observed parts, so they usually exercise them with more intensity.

Some exercises for Buttocks and Legs.
The squats, is one of the best known exercises that benefits the buttocks and legs , you can perform with dumbbells or bars, as accessories. To perform this exercise, you must separate the legs at the same anchor from the shoulders, the muscles must be parallel to the ground, also bend the knees without going over sizevital male enhancement the tips of the feet, you have to measure the distance well.
When using accessories you must take into account that they must be on the side of the body, if they are dumbbells, one will be in each hand and if you use bars, it should be located behind the head and you will hold it with your shoulders.

Flex your legs using dumbbells and a bench, first bend one leg, and then return to the current position, the other leg will be supported on the bench, this exercise will tone your buttocks and legs .
The leg magic is a machine that you can observe if you attend a gym, in this you will support your feet, on your platform and then forcefully slide the legs of the left and right side successively approaching and moving them away at the same time, it is an exercise that can take only five minutes, but that will have great results; Always remember to stress the muscles.
Find a mat and on it lie down, support the soles of the feet on the floor with the knees bent, then raise the pelvis, pressing on the buttocks, remember to have a straight back.
These are just some of the existing exercises, which you can perform so that your buttocks and legs are well toned, also remember that before performing any exercise you must warm up and stretch the muscles.

Some benefits that lets you exercise your buttocks and legs
They can help you gain muscle mass.
The famous growth hormone will be released and in this way your training will be more feasible when you want to see results.
Although you do not believe the buttocks and legs exercises , they influence the performance of the sexual act.
These mentioned benefits will not be achieved if you only train once a week or if you do it with little intensity, you will get trained at least three times a week, with the highest intensity that your body allows you to maintain, perform some light squats, This I mean without accessories, so that your body does not get tired very fast and you can continue training without any mishap.

The buttocks and legs are parts of the body that people observe daily, they are also parts of the body that can make these same legs feel insecure of the body they have, for this reason they exercise them constantly and with great intensity, but you must remember that the body also needs to rest, and in this way you will not suffer any ailment from the pressure you put on your exercises in your body.

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Is relaxation effective for losing weight in the stomach?

Because weight gain often comes from worrying about stress or anxiety, relaxation can help you lose weight. However, it will not specifically target the belly.

Relaxation is effective for losing weight in general, not just the belly
Little hassles and big worries of everyday life, problems of self-esteem, boredom, stress, chronic anxiety: having trouble staying serene (e) often pushes to multiply cracking, even periods of eating disorders (bulimia, anorexia …) ). Relaxation can help to better regulate this type of disturbance and thus to lose his extra pounds, while feeling better in his head.

It will be a good tool to lose weight , but keeping in mind that you do not choose where you lose weight and that the whole body will lose little by little. We will have to wait to see the effects on the beads too …

Sophrology , mindfulness meditation, breathing exercises or visualization are all keys to a smooth approach.

Other benefits of a more serene everyday
Feeling less nervous (-se) or anxious, in addition to reducing the tendency to eat poorly and gaining weight, dx lean diet forskolin will cause other positive things to be better with oneself, beyond the loss of belly :

A finer body as a whole
Greater self-confidence
Better concentration skills
Fewer problems playing sports, going out, being social
It is the ideal slimming and wellness combo ! And the faster the pace, the easier it will be to keep a fine line without having to fight to close the button of his pants.

Diet and sport are essential for abdominal weight loss
To lose abdominal fat and maintain a suitable line, especially at the level of the area under the navel, relaxing exercises will not be enough. This fat is indeed tenacious and requires maintaining a low glycemic index doubled a strongly reduced sugar diet.

This will allow the body to effectively tackle the parts of the body that store excess fat , which is often part of the abdominal area.

To this will be added a practice of regular physical activity. This will also have the effect of relaxing, since the sport triggers a secretion of endorphins ! In case of major anxiety or doubts about the diet the advice of a doctor is recommended.

Eliminating its bulges is often dependent on various factors that must be identified to move forward: the whole thing is not to lose hope, because lose weight is quite possible and not necessarily very long!

Trekking or hiking to lose weight?

It is well known, 30 minutes of walking a day helps to stabilize your weight and keep fit . If the principle is the same, walk on varied terrain over a distance more or less long, the intensity of the effort provided differs during the practice of hiking and trekking. So which will be your best ally to lose weight?

The link between trekking and hiking to lose weight
Wondering “What are the differences between trekking and hiking?” Trekking is a more intensive form of hiking . It is generally practiced on steeper terrain and in more wild areas, especially in high mountains .

Similar to an organized trip, it takes place over several days with stops in bivouacs, an inn or homestay if Overnight Lean Keto your journey through small villages.

It is advisable to progress 5h / day for a week or two, depending on your physical condition. The effort provided will be much more intense compared to a conventional walk . The weight loss will be more consequent.

The benefits of hiking for the line
The hike is known to improve the functioning of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, and prevent joint pain. If it is also possible to hike on a bike, on horseback or with a donkey, it is often preferred to walk to try to lose weight .

It is generally recommended to take a slow and gradual step (4 km / h on average) to avoid pushing your body too much. Working on your stamina, this sport allows you to burn between 300 and 350 calories in an hour .

In good conditions and if you are assiduous, you will turn fat into muscle in the long run. The hike is effective to refine and strengthen at the same time its silhouette .

Opinions and recommendations
Despite a slow progression, the hike and the trek do a lot of work for the body. Before you begin, you should consult a doctor . This will prevent you from heat stroke or exhausting you unnecessarily.

For beginners , it is best to be accompanied by an experienced hiker. It will help you to find a rhythm adapted to your capacities and which will not hurt your joints , but also to recommend you the material essential for this kind of physical activity.

Your bag must include 1.5 liters of water to hydrate you properly. Also remember to take an energy snack, but low calorie like nuts or nuts to overcome the fatigue strokes .

In short, these two activities can help you eliminate a few extra pounds . However, do not expect a dramatic weight loss as with a diet.

The best yoghurt for mass gain

Muscle building allows you to gain volume to sport a more athletic silhouette . It requires a sufficient supply of proteins that are essential for the development of muscles.

Discover the best to achieve your goals.

Yogurt yes, but not just any!
You have certainly noticed that there are several kinds of dairy products on the shelf . When doing weight training or other physical activity to gain muscle mass, it is important overnight lean keto to make the right choice. These products are all similar if we take into account that they are sources of protein.

However, the composition modifies the real virtues of these foods on the development of muscles.

It is advisable to consume nature products. You can also choose Greek yogurts. They are very rich in protein although they contain less sugar than conventional products. Those with soy are great if you are vegan or vegan.

Whole milk products are usually high in carbohydrate and fat. If they are not totally banned in your diet, it is important to limit their consumption. You risk gaining more fat than muscle in case of abuse.

Also beware of dairy products because the carbohydrate content is high . It is more interesting to add some dried or fresh fruits in your dairy products. This option also gives you a vitamin intake while controlling calories ingested.

Our tips for integrating them into your diet
The food deserves special attention to “grow” without taking fat. It is therefore necessary to calculate the daily contributions in kcal which you need.

Specifically, it takes between 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight . The equivalent in kcal is obtained by multiplying the result by 4. If you weigh 60 kg, the recommended intake is 120 g, or 480 calories per day.

Meals must be balanced. It is therefore necessary to vary the sources of proteins. Choose lean meats and fish at mealtimes and dairy snacks at any time of the day. The consumption of these products is ideal after sports but also at breakfast , with cereals for a healthy diet.

If you are a beginner, always seek the advice of a professional to determine the ideal length of your lean mass gain program.

It is inadvisable to aim at a development of the muscles too fast because the effects are harmful for the musculature. The natural and fresh food is of course to focus on chemicals.

Shrugs with dumbbells. We study all the subtleties and secrets

Shrugs with dumbbells: swing the trapeze.
It so happened that every visitor to the gym has their favorite exercises and zones (muscle groups) workout. Most often in guys it is pectoral and biceps, in young ladies – a press and buttocks. It is the most winning parts of the body that we pay close attention to, scoring on others – not very revealing. In general, humans – the people are selective and shakes only what they see fit and what most strikes the eye. And therefore the following exercise – scars with dumbbells, is not in the honor of the majority of “homegrown” sculptors, and if they are performed by them, then it is lazy, reluctant and through the stump-deck :). Why is this happening? Apparently, due to low awareness of the population about its usefulness and relevance. Well, we will correct the situation through this note. So let’s roll up our sleeves and get down to the story.

Schrugs – an isolated exercise aimed at the development of the top of the trapezium. A trapezium is a geometric figure in which the two sides of the muscle of the upper back, which is used to maintain and lift and rotate the shoulder blades. The most visible part of the trapezius muscle is the upper region, which extends from the neck and creates a “hump” over the shoulders. Muscles are named so, because their pair forms a trapezoid-shaped shape. When moving the shoulders up, the rotator cuff and extensors (straighteners) of the spine act as stabilizer muscles, i.e. they support and control the movement of deltas. In general, in order to feel the trapezium at the household level, it is necessary to attract the shoulders to the ears, because it is this movement that is the basis of the shrag.

The muscular array visually “hooked” by scars looks as follows.

Scars with dumbbells, muscles in work
Often it is the trapezoid region that is the most poorly developed muscular unit of the upper back. It should be said that shrugs are a great exercise for office workers and those people who sit too much and spend their time at the PC. It perfectly removes stress and tension from this enslaved muscle area.


For a better understanding of the material, all further narrative will be divided into sub-chapters.

Dumbbell Rugs: Benefits

Each exercise has its advantages. The benefits shrag with dumbbells include:

limiting trapezium isolation and increasing the volume of only this area of ​​the back;
Variable projectile position – burdening can be behind / in front of the hips;
improved posture – scars strengthen the stability of the shoulder blades, allowing you to keep your shoulders high and your back straight;
improvement of gait – straight back changes RDX Surge the gait for the better, the person does not look down and carries himself on the “blue platter” :);
well-developed shoulders, coupled with trapezes, give the athlete a massive build and significantly distinguish it from others, especially in open T-shirts.
Now go to the technical part of the notes, but rather to …

Scar technique with dumbbells

We can say that in this exercise there is little where you can make a mistake, because the movement is quite natural and does not cause any difficulties in reproduction. So, the execution process includes the following steps.

Step number 1.

Stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart. Take (palms to yourself) dumbbells in each hand and stretch into a string. Lower the shoulders, let them “sit down” as low as possible. This is your starting position.

Step number 2.

Inhale, as you exhale, start lifting your shoulders upwards, trying to bring them to your ears. At the end point of the amplitude, linger on 2 counts. Hands remain straight throughout the movement. Movement is carried out only by moving the shoulders up and down. No rotation of the deltas back and forth occurs.

Step number 3.

Lower the dumbbells back, go back to the PI. Repeat the specified number of times.

In the picture version, this whole mess looks like this.

Dumbbell Rags, Technique
As for the rolling option, it presents the following picture.

The shragi exercise has many different variations, in particular, here are examples of some of them.

Dumbbell Dumbbell Variations
Despite the ease of the exercises, he has his own secrets and technical chips that help run it on 100% perfect. In particular, remember:

do not put your hands (biceps and forearms) in work while bending them; they are intended only for keeping weight;
do not move your shoulders back (rotation element) at the top point;
try to raise the shoulders as high as possible, touch their ears :);
produce peak cuts in the upper amplitude;
during the whole movement keep the strictly vertical position of the body;
at the beginning of the movement, statically tighten the bark muscles to better stabilize the back;
“Do not drop” the shoulders at the highest point;
lift the dumbbells up with the explosion, lower slowly and under control;
to hold heavy burdens lifting straps will help.
Here is such a “minor” exercise, and as many subtleties and nuances, failure to comply with any of them may entail …

Injuries while performing shrag

Despite the ease and simplicity of the exercise, it is easy to shake off injuries. In particular:

overload your back. Incorrect slouching position instead of targeting the load on the top of the trapezoid will shift the load to the middle of the back, which will lead to excessive overload.
damage the rotator cuff. One of the most common mistakes when performing a shrag is mobility (rotation) of the shoulders instead of simply lifting them up and down in the same vertical plane. It turns out that the dumbbells are moving due to the rolling pulse of the shoulders, and not due to the loading of the trapezium. All this leads to an overstressing rotator cuff.
overload the neck. The incorrect position of the head (thrown back / forward), especially with a lot of weight, pinches the muscles of the neck and creates an excessive, not intended for it, load.
muscle break. Schrags – isolated exercise on the trapezoid. It turns out that the entire weight of the projectile falls solely on them. This is a huge stress for such a small muscle group.

Bench press lying, chest and triceps synergy

The radial bone is one of the 2 bones of the forearm, into which the biceps are “inserted”. The rigidity of holding the bar and its smooth (without tremor / backlash) stroke in the hands when working with a large weight depends on the thickness and strength of the forearm . Another bone of the upper humeral girdle, the ulnar, is the most important, from the point of view of working with the weight of the bar, of the two bones of the forearm.

No. 3.1. Shoulder complex

Technically complex ensemble of bones, which is most often the first fails while bench press (the expression “flew shoulders”) . When pressing the barbell shoulders perform two movements – bending and horizontal bending. Abduction is also important – the movement of the limb, directed away from the central axis of the body and a sufficient range of rotation of deltas. If you do not strengthen the shoulders, especially the front delta, and do not worry about increasing the mobility and strength of the rotator cuff, then press records can be forgotten.

№ 3.2. Elbows

A simple joint that bends and unbends. During the press and the removal of weight up, elbows do the extension work. They also, like shoulders, when they reach a substantial magnum pump xr weight begin to fly out. Therefore, it is important not to overload the elbows with any additional load on the bench day.

№4. Wrists

The strength of the wrists depends on the reliability of holding the neck. A lot of weight places increased demands on their “performance”.

Now go through the muscles.

№1. Pectoral

pectoral muscles, anatomy, bench press

The pectoral muscles are the main “receivers” of the load from the barbell, they have a great motor potential, which they realize through horizontal flexion during the movement. The muscle fibers of the clavicular division are usually classified as the upper chest, the sternal fibers are the lower. It is the pectoral, in particular, the large pectoral, which bears most of the load during the execution of the bench press lying horizontally.

№2. Triceps

triceps, anatomy, bench press
These are extensors of the elbow joint, consisting of 3 heads. During the press, it is the long head that works most actively in moving the weight up. It often happens that the weight does not go (there is no final boost) due to the weak triceps.

So, we have considered the “elements” that play a major role in the exercise of the bench press exercise.

We go further.

Bench press lying: EMG muscles of the upper limbs
Agree, it would be interesting to find out how the muscles of the upper shoulder girdle behave, what electrical activity is produced when the bench is pressed. And there is such data (NSU, St. Petersburg, 2015 , NB Kichaykina, GA Samsonov) . They say and show the following (athlete MSMK, bar weight 140 kg) .

barbell bench press, upper muscle activity test
Conclusions from the chart:

in the acceleration phase of the bar, when it is lowered onto the chest, triceps and a large pectoral are pronounced;
the activity of the deltoid muscles increases with the lowering of the barbell on the chest and shows high values ​​prior to the lifting phase;
The role of the biceps muscle when performing bench press is very small.
Now let’s analyze the bench clearly in terms of strength and their maximum synergy.

Barbell bench press: force geometry
Gravity will always pull the bar down, but when you add lateral (lateral) forces, the resulting vector (the product of 2 forces in different directions) will not point straight down.

Lateral bench press
The outer shoulder of force is the perpendicular distance between the affected joint and the vector of application of force. The resulting force vector, taking into account lateral forces, is much closer to the shoulder than the gravity-only force vector acting on the neck. This means that the resultant force arm for horizontal flexion is shorter, which makes weight lifting by the pectoral muscles easier.

When you shake, the lateral forces are about 25-30% more than the vertical forces relative to the fingerboard. This only increases the overall strength (by about 3-4% ) , which you must overcome, but shortens (by about 20% ) the leverage for horizontal abduction (the percentage depends on the width of the grip) .

Bench bar bench horizontal force
Note / explanation to the picture:

On the left, you can see the shoulder of the horizontal flexing force (solid black line) when only vertical forces are taken into account. On the right, how much shorter the shoulder of the force of horizontal flexion becomes when taking into account the horizontal / lateral forces in relation to the neck.

It is also important to understand that the pectoral and triceps can work in synergy: both from the side of the elbow – the pectoral help the triceps to bend the elbow, and from the side of the shoulder – the triceps helps the breast in the horizontal flexion of the shoulder.

Since the forearms themselves cannot move much. hands are in a fixed position, the shoulder should be bent horizontally, because triceps working on the elbow extension. The opposite is also true with respect to the pectoral ones – since the arms are fixed in place (they hold the neck) and the pectoral work is performed in order to carry out the horizontal flexion of the shoulder, the elbows must be unbent.

Note / explanation to the picture:

Since the triceps unbend the elbow, they help the shoulders to be flexed horizontally, and as the pectorals bend the shoulders horizontally, they help to bend the elbows. Stronger pectorals facilitate the process of extension of the elbows (in this case it becomes easier to press the weight) , and stronger triceps make it easier to carry out the horizontal flexion of the shoulder.